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Psygone History

Psygone and the Story so far

In 1991 Michael Kjeldgaard, Robert Christensen & Steffen Baunsbæk met for the first time, to share their musical passion. With only very little gear they began to make music without any Label attached to it, and the sound were dark and inspired by early EBM. Later on when the guys began buying better gear the music developed and morphed into a much brighter sound, but still pretty hard and minimalistic. In 1992 “Mateaux” saw the day of light, and with more detailed arrangements and smoother productions, it stood very clear that this were the future. Mateaux played to almost every type of party they could get their hands on, but after trying to get their music published for a long time they decided to split up.

In early 1994 Michael and Robert started another project together, heavily  inspired by the Asian culture and landscapes, hence the name Psygone (Saigon). The sound could be described as soft but energetic and the early works can be heard on compilations like “Goa Box” and “Close Encounters”. After meeting up with a Danish Party organizer with Roots in the Goa community, Michael felt even more inspired to take the sound to the next step, and as the only one creating the music in Psygone, Michael decided to go solo, but with an mutual interest  between him an Robert. After stopping as the 2nd person, Robert went down his own path DJíng and Mashing up beats in the genre better known as Dub.

Late 1994 Michael gets his first Label deal, and while signing with Hypnotic Records, Psygone was established and took part of the Danish “Goa family” originating from this Label. Bypass Unit, Bass-complex Colorbox and many more released over the next 5 years more music than they could ever dream of. Jan Bachmann joined Psygone in 1995, spreading good karma and great inspiration for the music making. Jan was the 2nd. half when performing on stage, and he felt strong about the project. Creating gadgets, clothes etc. having fun hours hanging out in the studio together, the duo established a warm friendship which is still present. Michael was busy writing new stuff inspired by especially acts like “Man With No Name”, MFG and “X-dream. Hypnotic released the first album in 1997 “Optimystique” – and from here the rest is history. A lot of traxx was released and exposed thru compilations, especially one particularly album from Psygone was facing that truth. Today that album is better known as “Organique”, the follow-up to the debut album “Optimystique”.

American Metal meets Trance

In 2001 Jerry Clews, a drummer and a Label owner from Boston in the US, approaches Michael with a great Project with exiting aspects. Jerry founded a Metal/techno  project that was bridging the gap between Rock and Trance and while other big names like Linkin Park & P.o.d. was heavily users of electronics in their records – Jerry wanted to go in another direction, hence all the activities on the Gaming Scene. Digital:Newage or just D:N was exposed thru big trade shows like E3 and Tokyo Game Convention, and with the raw attitude in the music – it was perfect for computer games or show DVD´s like E3 Access – published by Nextgen Video´s in Australia.

Digital:Newage was signed to Alkamedia Records but never came out with an actual Release, only thru Promo CD´s handed out on Events like E3.

Patrick Mcbride joined the project in 2002 after running a search for a frontman in a shorter period, and from here on, the Metal/Tech project D:N morphed into the band Hourcast. Michael wrote all the electronics and arranged the first Album “State of Disgrace”, but left the band late 2004 due to lack of communication and the geographical distance.

After taking a long break producing other styles of music and various Artists, Michael began writing new music by the end of 2007. These traxx was solely written for the awesome and supportive bunch of people that still went back to the Source seeking for more.  These traxx turned into the 3rd. album “A Second Breath”. and whilst blending the old 1997 Psygone sound with fresh beats and new inspiration, another full energetic & positive sounding album was ready for the audience.

Today one thing is certain, It has been a wonderful journey but with so much more to accomplish and explore, Psygone will continue to deliver uplifting melodies, howling 303´s and aggressive baselines.

“Do what you feel is right in the moment & create your own reality”