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Psygone – Sugar Rush

Just wanna share the story about my Psygone version of Sugar Rush, and how it came to life.

My dear Friend “Pearl” died way to early at the age of 23 – Merete was one of the most loving and caring people i´ve ever met.

We as her closest friends decided to show her our last love and respect by throwing her a nice Memorial “Party” Merete was a big fan of Goa trance especially stuff by Astral Projection,  MWNN and Psygone. The MWNN track “Sugar Rush” was her all time favorite, so thats why I went to the Studio and created “Blue Pearl”.

The track was released as a part  of a Mix  thru Hypnotic Records.

So as her friends we created one Massive last Goodbye – that special evening will exist in our memories forever, and “Pearl” will always be close to our hearts.

 Go check out Psygone | “Sugar Rush” and download it for FREE

Thanks // Michael

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