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Surrender to the Source

This new release from Psygone is more a collection than new tunes.

I have taken the most chillastic moments from the albums and tossed them all into this EP. There´s also a new track which is the title tune “Surrender to the Source”.

Psygone has been touring a lot around Europe with pumped sets, but the slow down experience, is kept on each album. All 3 albums has their own slow beat tracks and now the fans can enjoy them fully remastered on this EP, which is out on Grazehopp Music. You can listen for free on Spotify here : Psygone – Surrender To The Source (EP)

Tracklist :

01 Surrender to the Source
02 Organique
03 Equal Bottle Blows
04 Kothoga
05 Illuminate (feat. Lyck)
06 A Second Breath

Landscapes with trails of almost never-ending drones combined with the attitude that my fans diggs so much – the beats and rhythmic moods.  The latest collaboration was a bit different as You would expect, together with Lyck who has the voice of an angel – be sure to give “Illuminate” a full listen. The EP is out on all major online stores !!

Im happy to tell that more tracks is in the works by now, but bare with me, it takes time to compose, as there goes a lot of heart into these :-) Njoy this EP and follow me on Facebook by pressing the buttons above.

Thank you for reading :-D

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