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Psygone still alive

First of all, Psygone is still alive and  thank you so much for visiting my blog!!

Without you there is no Psygone, and Im so Grateful and happy that you stopped by.

After some consideration I decided to create this place, in order for my supportive and yet amazing audience to follow  whats happening in the colorful world of Psygone.

Since 1994 where it all began a lot off stuff has happened, new ventures, and of coarse a lot of Music. I.e. 3 years in tight collaboration with an American hard rock project “Digital Newage”, which gave me a fresh breath of  inspiration and thoughts towards keeping Psygone active.

Thats also why we decided to release older stuff like “Organique” so everyone should know where it belongs and what to expect in the Future. With the 3rd Album released in 2008 I had my doubts if there even were an audience for this type of music, and magical enough there is – BIGGER THAN EVER. I love to see how all the new amazing artists are keeping this genre alive, and I might admit that I need to brush off my skills in order to be a part of this adventure.

Nomatter what type of music, and which genres I have been working with, I always tends to come back to the Goa and Psy trance culture, simply because Im i devoted and deeply in love with  the spirit and and Musical vibe kept alive in all corners of the Universe. I hope to be able to present all the Digital:Newage stuff, even that its much harder and Guitar dominated, so if “Alkamedia Rec.” agree´s there´s about 10 traxx just waiting to see the Sun.

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